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We no longer post, online, the addresses that we pick up and drop off students.  This shift was made based on parent requests to protect the anonymity of homes where children reside and to protect their safety.

Should you need specific information about the time that your son/daughter will be picked up or dropped off, please contact Amy Butler, North Beach Transportation Director at or 360-289-3565, or contact your son/daughter's school office. 

Thank you for your understanding! We want our students safe!!


Transportation Supervisor:

Amy Butler
350 State Route 115
Ocean Shores, WA  98569


Your Child's Safety is our Business!

  • Students need to be out in plain sight 5 minutes prior to scheduled stop time.
  • Students need to wait for safety signal from the driver.


Bus Rules


  1. Stay Seated, Facing Forward 
  2. Keep Hands & Feet to Yourself
  3. Talk Quietly
  4. No Pets, Glass Containers or Aerosol Cans
  5. No eating, Drinking or Gum Chewing
  6. No Fighting, Bullying or Harassment
  7. Obey Driver
  8. Be a Good Citizen