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Emergency Preparedness

The North Beach School District Emergency Preparedness Manual is available in each of the schools and classrooms in the district.  Emergency drills are practiced throughout the school year and are coordinated with city, county and state emergency management services.

The district has worked closely with the Grays Harbor County Department of Emergency Preparedness and City of Ocean Shores officials to improve communication lines in case of any natural disasters. County officials have worked to coordinate the efforts of all agencies to help us be better prepared if such an incident were to occur.

Please check with your immediate school for specific details and become familiar with the action plans that each school has for their location in our district.  Our first concern is always the well-being of everyone in our schools – that is what planning, practicing and coordination with local agencies is designed to do.

In case of an emergency, we will continue to utilize local radio stations and the TV stations – KOMO – TV4, KING - TV5, KIRO – TV7 to disseminate information.

 Download Crisis Management Plan