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Falisha Zwolinski


Miss Falisha Zwolinski

Where are you from? (where did you grow up and where did you last live)

I grew up in Wisconsin, moved to Ocean Shores and graduated from North Beach, and now I live in Aberdeen.

High school and college experience (what schools you went to, favorite subjects and subjects of study in college)

I graduated from NBHS, earned an Associates Degree from Grays Harbor College, a Bachelor of Liberal Arts from Evergreen, and then a second Bachelor of Arts in Education from GHC.

Years of teaching experience (when you started and what you love about it)

3 years teaching a coop preschool, 1 year as a para, 1 year at Montesano High School teaching art to middle and high school students, 1 year at NBMS teaching ELA, 1 year teaching TK at PB, 1 year teaching Montessori Program at PB, and now I’m teaching 1st Grade. I love teaching because I love the excitement of students gaining skills they’ve worked so hard for.

Areas of knowledge (What it is that you teach or loved in school, what you know about, what you are interested in)

I love reading and working together to figure out words. 

Words of wisdom: (Anything that you would tell the students, life philosophies or advice you would give to them and to anyone)

Bravery doesn’t mean you’re not scared, it means that you can be scared, but you persevere anyway.

Favorite quote: See above.

How would you describe yourself and your hobbies and interests: I love my kids, cooking, and sewing.

Your KEY message for parents: Thank you for trusting me to guide your child this year. I am so excited to partner with you.