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Todd Gladsjo

Mr. Todd Gladsjo

Where are you from? (where did you grow up and where did you last live)

Hoquiam, “The Friendliest City”.


High school and college experience (what schools you went to, favorite subjects and subjects of study in college)

I graduated from Hoquiam in 2013 and went on to go to Grays Harbor College after several years of working throughout the county. I graduated from GHC in 2017 and after another couple years of working around Grays Harbor I fell into what is now my love of teaching. I will be finishing my bachelors in Elementary Education this Spring and plan on going immediately into my Masters Program.


Years of teaching experience (when you started and what you love about it)

I have 5 years in the education the last three years, being a classroom teacher. I started as a paraeducator and immediately knew that this was my lifelong passion and career choice. I love education because it allows me to build long-lasting relationships with my students and colleagues.


Areas of knowledge (What it is that you teach or loved in school, what you know about what you are interested in)

I always loved history because it was a passion of my dad and grandpa. They had a passion for fun and/or interesting facts that helped guide my own learning. History has a funny way of repeating itself, which means it's all the more important to understand the lessons of the past.


Words of wisdom: (Anything that you would tell the students, life philosophies or advice you would give to them and to anyone)

Be positive and be open to opportunities of all sizes. You never know what doors will open for you by having and open and optimistic mind.


Favorite quote: “If you say that you can’t, you won’t. Don’t allow yourself to have a closed mindset because you’ll never realize what you are missing!”


How would you describe yourself and your hobbies and interests:

Your KEY message for parents: Our goal for the school year is to have a fun and engaging year where we learn to love learning and the growth that comes with it. I’m always available for questions and conversations, just reach out!